steveo (black_phoenix) wrote,

Dude. Motherfucking DUDE. Now that was a show.

Both casts did an amazing job at "Black Patent." I'm really proud to have been a part of this cast and of TAG in general. As I look back on my three long years at TAG, the five great shows I've been a part of, and the amazing roles I've been allowed to play, I can't help but be grateful to Joe and Mario and Michelle and my castmates. I also can't help but see how I've grown as both a person and a performer.

I grew, in many ways, from a child to a young adult with TAG, again as both a person and a performer. It makes me wonder how things would be different had I never stepped onto that stage for the first time at the SoM auditions. I'm truly grateful for the friends I've made, whether I never see them again or we stay close for a lifetime, and for the lessons I've learned.

Thank God, we can reminisce without regret. We can smile on the good things. Hope and faith still hold we've learned that love will make it all unfold.

And I'll never be THAT young again. Thank God.
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