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Yo ya'all.

Wow. I haven't done this in years. Many of you will be proud to know that I managed to read two friends pages without starting a fight with ANYONE. Maybe the bumblef u c k air is calming me down. (Is it Livejournal that won't let me type the F-word or this computer here at Catholic college? Either way it's hysterical.) Anyway, I know that I'm kinda incommunicato especially since the computers that I can get to most easily won't let me check e-mail or use AIM Express. So I decided to start reading and updating here again.

Camp (College!)is pretty cool. I'm not sure whether today was cool or not. On one hand, we got to meet two honest-to-goddess Broadway actors, who guest instructed us in musical theatre. The bad news is that they're coming back next week, and that today was focused on the two-week students. Which means, bascially, that I didn't get off my generous white ass all day today. Waste of $90 f-ing bucks. Ah, well. Like I said, they're coming back next week and I'll see them then.

I like pretty much everybody here and everybody but one of the people living here. My roomate is quite cool, and I'm getting along with a lot of people. I have yet to even want to stab somebody. Like I said, bumblef*ck

So, I came up here with a monolauge and a song prepared, as instructed. I'm doing Jedidiah Scultz from "The Laramie Project" for my monolaugue, and I got here all ready to do "Mister Cellophane" from "Chicago" but of course somebody in my group was doing it and does it better then me AND went first so I had to pick a new song. Luckily, this awesome girl has the "Footloose" book. That's right, people, "Mamma Says" has returned! I can't tell you how good it feels to sing that song again! Oh, man.

The four week students have to get a Shakespere monolauge. I'm really excited because people got stuck with "Romeo and Juliet" and "Measure for Measure" and suck shit and I get to be Demitrius from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I can't tell you how throughly pleased this makes me. Mmmm . . . Demitrius.

So, over the course of the camp we get to see several shows. Some are free, some need to be paid for. We already saw "Much Ado About Nothing." It was un-freaking beleiveable.I laughed my ass off the whole time. Just as cool was this semi-improvisationable Rensiance-style sketch comedy preformence by student interns here. I know. It sounds dumb as shit. But it's not.

The classes are pretty cool. We have dance, music theater, acting, and improv during the day. At night, the residential students (and any commuters that want to come) are forced to indure "Making Theatre" which is an academic class about the history of theatre and the theory behind it. Even weirder is the shockingly cult-like "Grotowski" classes which is meant to be a concentration/ensemble exercise that I can't talk about. Really. I'm serious. It may be creepy, but it's actually pretty amazing.

The biggest problem is the extreme post-class boredom. And the fact that they treat us like five year olds. I am way to excited about the Wal-Mart trip tonight.

So . . . y'all should comment. And when you do, teach me how to use a LJcut. And post on your own Journals. And call me. You know the #.

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